Some Useful History

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This is another old cookbook bit that I thought would be helpful in relation to the Campbell’s soup thing. I actually wrote a paper on this at one point, and maybe one day I will post bits of that. This … Continued


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Of which there were four-ish. I’m rather intrigued by the concept of Thanksgiving. It can take so many forms- from sit down dinner to going out to dinner to standing around at a buffet to god only knows what. But … Continued

Skip to the Kitchen My Darling

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Here is an excerpt from a fabulous food post from my sister-at-heart, clickclack gorilla: In England, dumpster diving is called skipping. It’s a rather indirect way to talk about trash picking, but it feels appropriate in its way. Picture two … Continued

Side Dishes

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Ok, so I have to explain something. Vegetarians can obviously make side dishes. The problem is that I have a mental block against side dishes. When I cook dinners, I cook one thing, and maybe bake bread and throw together … Continued

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