Borrowing a cup of sugar

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It was once fairly natural to borrow things from your neighbors. You were in the middle of baking, and crap, you realize you don’t have enough sugar to finish. No worries. Send your kid along to the neighbor for a … Continued

Food Poisoning

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Well, that came back to bite me in the ass. The other day I jokingly mentioned that the only way I could get any writing done was to get sick, and here I am stuck in bed with what appears … Continued

The Deadly Mold

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I’m alarmingly familiar with the strange molds that develop on uneaten food. Bread develops a fuzzy green layer, which can be hard to catch when you are eating breads that have a fuzzy layer of flour on them anyway. Vegetable … Continued

Some Useful History

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This is another old cookbook bit that I thought would be helpful in relation to the Campbell’s soup thing. I actually wrote a paper on this at one point, and maybe one day I will post bits of that. This … Continued


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Of which there were four-ish. I’m rather intrigued by the concept of Thanksgiving. It can take so many forms- from sit down dinner to going out to dinner to standing around at a buffet to god only knows what. But … Continued

Skip to the Kitchen My Darling

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Here is an excerpt from a fabulous food post from my sister-at-heart, clickclack gorilla: In England, dumpster diving is called skipping. It’s a rather indirect way to talk about trash picking, but it feels appropriate in its way. Picture two … Continued

Side Dishes

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Ok, so I have to explain something. Vegetarians can obviously make side dishes. The problem is that I have a mental block against side dishes. When I cook dinners, I cook one thing, and maybe bake bread and throw together … Continued

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