Winter Inventory

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Canning Inventory 11/14/13 4 pints pickled jalepeno 5 pints spicy pickles 2 pints zucchini relish 1 pint bread and butter pickles 1 pint pickled beets 2 pints pickled garlic scapes 12 pints dill (??) pickles 5 pints pickled veggies 9 … Continued

From the Wee Hours

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And without warning, it’s that time of year again. There are inklings of it, when we start our flurry of wine making and garden preparing and the seedlings raise their limbs to the sky. I know it’s coming. And yet … Continued

Here We Go Again

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It’s spring! And I’m amazed at how calm I feel. Usually the day before a major event I’m strung out on caffeine and lists and running like a madwoman. But apparently I’m getting good at this, because even though I … Continued

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