Books of 2017

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What a crap year. When things (the news) are stressful (life changes) I tend to revisit a lot of old favorites. It makes everything seem… normal. So there were a lot of rereads this year, and a lot of escapist … Continued

Books of 2016

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Well, that year happened. As per usual, I didn’t really read that many books. Too much shit. I dreamed of reading lots of books. I also completely failed to write down the books I did read, so this is a… … Continued

2014 Book List

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So once again it was a banner year for audiobooks and a not so stellar year for finishing actual books. Working all the time can do that to you. But 43 is nothing to sneeze at, if you’re counting the … Continued

2013 Books in Review

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Ah, New Year’s Eve, that time of year when we sit back and reflect… on how many books we read in 2013. It was a pretty good year for reading, so far as things go, but an even better year … Continued

Rory Gilmore’s Book List

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I recently came across via a combination of facebook and other blogs, a list of all the books mentioned by Rory Gilmore in the show Gilmore Girls. Now, I will be honest. I started watching Gilmore Girls from the very … Continued

The Dirty Life

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I’ve been reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball, who came here to speak last fall. It’s been on my pile of things to read for a while, but it’s one I just never seemed to pick up. Finally I … Continued

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