Day 36: Slice for Success

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Now for the rest of the wonders. As I’ve said in previous posts, my gums suck. They are eroding away so fast that I have terrifying nightmares where my teeth just fall out. Actually I kind of dwell on it … Continued

Day 33: The Big Reveal

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So, if you’ve been following along, I went on a diet to help with my teeth, that were HURTING like crazy. I have a history of chronic cavities and thought that’s what was up. I also have super sensitive teeth … Continued

Day 5: Madness

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I tried to drink a bowl of bone broth this morning. Beef broth. Stock. Whatever the hell it’s called. This is what everyone recommends. Improve your health! Drink the broth! It will magically cure every ailment in your body! Weston … Continued

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