I’m Back

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I like to imagine the future. Usually, contrary to the expectations of the people who know me, I actually envision it in a positive way. Healthy forests, healthy people, clean water, clean air. My sister at heart actually wrote a … Continued

Dogbane and Sinew

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This week will be a little run down of all the fun things we’ve been doing in my experimental archaeology class. This includes fibers, ceramics, butchering, food processing, and cooking. Weee! Dogbane and Sinew (Fibers) Potted (Ceramics) Blood and Gore … Continued

Eat the Heart Out, Part 2

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As I said last week, I also saw edible animals while camping over the weekend. They were not deer, if that’s what you’re thinking, though we saw plenty of deer tracks. No, they were a little more unusual than that. … Continued

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