Zero Food Part 2

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So a while ago I posted something about not spending any money on food. I thought you might like an update. I actually forgot that I was planning on doing this as a legitimate goal, so it’s probably a good … Continued

Why Party

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Awesome: Parties We Should Have Instead of Weddings We’re having a party instead of a wedding. There are a ton of reasons- mine started with the moment I declared I would never get married unless I could marry a woman … Continued


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Finally, Lit Fest is over. Finally I can start thinking about other things. Ever year that I do this I think, no, never again. I mean, really, never again. Last year while I was listening to a talk I even … Continued

Locavore Lit Fest

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Readers (such as you are): I’m going to be out this week because of this festival thing. If you live in the general area you should come! It will be awesome! I’m sure I’ll have much to say afterward. “Locavore” … Continued

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