The Couple Who Brews Together

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So it’s that time of year again. The time when we make batch after batch of delicious alcoholic goodness and stash them away for later times. A year later, to be precise. Wine making is a commitment. And when you … Continued

Elderberry Wine

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I’m sorry there haven’t been any posts lately. The Renaissance Festival is over. That basically means my online life is over, for the time being. But I’ll do my best to do at least one or two posts a week, … Continued

Strawberry Wine

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So, you know, I’m all into this wine making thing. And I’ve never bothered much with fruit wines because they’re very sweet and I don’t do sweet. But my friends made it last year and it was pretty good, not … Continued

Lilac Wine

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I probably never would have even heard about lilac wine if it wasn’t for this song. But when I moved in to this house and saw the huge lilac bush in the back, the song started playing in my head … Continued

The Paradox of Brewing

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A friend recently gave me a copy of a brewing catalogue, which I was only too happy to peruse. I get my yeast and other supplies at a little local store, but it’s always great to see what else is … Continued

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