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Well, readers, I have exciting news. I’m moving. Not far- only 7 miles. But the exciting part is that the house we are renting is on two acres of property… so mini farm, here we come!

Readers, I have long regaled you with tales of how I wish I was farming. This endeavor will not really be farming, in the sense that I will not be starting a business or anything of that nature. What I will be doing is growing food for myself, the handsome fella, the handsome puppy, and my two cats. I intend to farm enough of the capacious backyard that I can sell some produce on the side. Presuming I don’t kill the chickens I am planning on getting, and that they aren’t carried off by hawks or anything, we will also be producing more than enough eggs to sell to neighbors and the like. I look at this as the opportunity to practice farming while my lack of capital funding prevents me from farming in a more business like sense.

Regardless, this opportunity means I finally get to test out some of the theories I am always espousing on this blog, and you, readers, get to follow along.

The downside (aside from no longer living next door to my amazing next door neighbors, who I am going to miss like crazy)(and no longer being able to walk to work) is that getting started in any kind of farming endeavor, no matter how small and DIY, takes money. Specifically, money for tools. Seeds, I can afford or barter for. I’ve already been offered several free chickens, and we’re hoping to build a coop out of scrap lumber I can scrounge in any number of places. But tools? Tools are quite pricey.

To get started, I am imagining needing something in the neighborhood of $500 or so. It would be great to have more, as we will probably have to purchase some compost and other amendments, given that the soil has been left untended for several years. We’ll also need to buy chicken fencing, and feed, and any number of random other things. A hose. And here is where you come in.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, and have enjoyed any part of my ramblings about farming and my experiments in food preservation, and think you would like to continue to enjoy ramblings about attempting to grow food on a small acreage scale, or raising chickens, or attempting to keep the dog from eating the chickens, I need your help. Since I am not the type to just straight up ask for money, if you click on that little donate button on the top right of the screen (with the pretty picture of my currant bushes), and leave your name and address, I will send you a print of the photo of your choice from either this blog or my flickr stream. So if you see a gorgeous picture of a cow you’ve always desired for yourself, it can be yours. If you hop on my flickr stream and see a picture of a sweeping mountainous landscape, it can be yours. I will send an 8×10 to anyone who donates $15 or more, and an 11×14 to anyone who donates over $30. I appreciate all donations, so if you can only give $1, you will have my undying gratitude. I will here add the caveat that if you live outside of the United States, please donate extra for shipping. Regardless, give me at least a week to mail it- most likely I will only get prints once a week. When you donate, please specify if there is a particular photo you would like- by the number and album if it’s in my flickr stream, by the post if it’s on this blog. All photos were taken by me with my fancy pants Nikon D60 and will be high quality prints.

This may not actually raise that much money, considering I still need to pay to print the pictures (on real photo paper! not on my home computer or anything) and mail them, but I figure it’s worth a shot. Someone asked me the other day if I would sell prints of my pictures, and I thought to myself, sure, why not? But I don’t just want to sell them for the hell of it. After all, I have tools to buy.

I may only offer this for a short period of time, depending on the response and whether I end up overwhelmed by too many trips to the printer and post office. But in the meantime, let the experiment begin… and keep tuned in, later this week I am going to try something else new and exciting, and there will be prizes.

Just to entice you (click to enlarge):

I do take some snazzy photos.

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  1. I sent one — no need to send a photo, I am just interested in reading about what happens.

  2. fishinthewater

    Matt- thanks so much! I always appreciate your comments. It’s quite possible that even if I don’t raise all the money needed, you will be reading about my attempts to farm without tools instead- which maybe would be more interesting, though it certainly wouldn’t be my preference!

    Thanks again!

  3. […] If you like Tara’s camera work, she’s selling some of her prints over on her blog Fish in the Water in order to finance the tools she needs to get started on some small-scale farming. Tuesday […]

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