What to Wear

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I went to school for fashion, but mostly studied costume design. It has always fascinated me, this question of what to wear. In fashion, it’s all about trends and what color is on point for the season (one year in … Continued

The Things That Matter

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We, and yes, that is me and my partner, who some people seem to confuse with a boyfriend or a passing acquaintance because we don’t use the words husband and wife, WE are going through a difficult time. A time … Continued

Books of 2016

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Well, that year happened. As per usual, I didn’t really read that many books. Too much shit. I dreamed of reading lots of books. I also completely failed to write down the books I did read, so this is a… … Continued


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This is not the welcome back post I intended to write. I really wanted to write something that was positive, that spoke of resistance, of fighting back, of change. I wanted it to be polished. I have reached a point … Continued

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